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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> on the market soon. >> that is huge. . we are out of here. good to have you, good to see you, travel back to the west coast, i will be back on tv monday at noon eastern, here is "happening now".
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to run after hillary clinton's
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questions on e-mail. >> clinton is giving a speech and seems like she is under a lot of pressure to keep dnc members on board? >> reporter: you are right. she's speaking right now in the hotel behind me. you can see the live picture. she focused on economy and middle-class issues and struggling to get back to the message she wants the campaign run o. and the pressure from vice-president biden and the door opening for him because of the e-mail scandal that continues to widen. fox obtained new e-mails that basically were reported on by the washington post raising questions about humma abdean with her on the campaign trail and had over lapping roles. working for the clinton foundation and lining up donors there and also getting ready to work on the hillary clinton
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campaign and while also working for a big consulting company with close ties to former president bill clinton. reporter senator chuck grassly firing off a letter saying the e-mails that fox obtained suggested that there was a conflict of interest of humma abdin having all of these overlapping roles and while she was working at the state department and paid by taxpayers, jon. >> so vice-president biden is not there in minneapolis but he's making the presence felt? >> reporter: he may be overshadowing up. he had a conference call and offered up his office to brief dnc members on the nuclear iran deal and show case his foreign policy credentials and also folk
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ifs from the draft biden movement in their hotel suite and they have all of the literature and bumper stickers and handing out to dnc with a message of keeping your powder driechlt he may have a lot of time. hillary clinton had a big head start and money and endorse ams, but a sitting vice-president can get in here late and get the money and endorsements of his own as well. a lot of people in the clinton camp nervously waiting to see what the next step will be here. >> ed henry, thank you. a report in the los angeles times said the longer vice-president biden waits on the 2016 run the more it hurts the clinton campaign nothing is stopping biden for waiting for the iowa caucus or the new hampshire primary. biden could remain a nuisance for the clinton campaign into
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next year without ever launching a bid. is that realistic? we'll talk to molly and david, former deputy staff secretary to president clinton. molly, these days in politics, it seems like the races start earlier and the candidates have to jump in early if they want name recognition and the money. so what is joe biden waiting for? >> there is no need for him to jump in. the only reason we are talking about him right now is because of how horrible hillary clinton's campaign is going. he doesn't need name recognition. and the opponent is shooting herself in the foot you stand by and let it happen. >> if he is going to enter the race, we are what? a few months away. >> he's laying the ground work and artful of leaking all of the meetings and letting people know
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he's talking to elizabeth warren and she could help him as he is an establishment figure. and the excitement is on the progressive side of thing. if he had her endorse him or run with him he could do damage. >> dave, you worked with former president bill clinton and one would imagine you would want to see his wife succeed him. but you say let the best man or woman win? >> yes, competition is good, in sports and business and politics and like most democrats, i want to win the white house for my party in 2016, and the best person equipped to do that should be the nominee. i differ from my colleague here who said that things are not looking good for hillary clinton. if you look at recent polls, she trounces her opponents in the democratic primary and
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head-to-head match up with republicans. she is the strongest member in the democrat party to win. there are a million voters in half dozen swing states that decide the election, period. everything else is a side show. a million voters decide who the next president will be. who will persuade those swing voters a million plus or minus and that decides who will be president. i think it is hillary clinton and more competition is better provide we don't have the clown show in the republican primaries. >> molly what kind of obstacles would he face? joe biden run for president before? >> he is a bad candidate and should be doing better than he is. he got less than one percent of the vote last time.
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he was revealed to have problems with honesty. but he has a foreign policy record just as vice-president. he said he would bank his vice-presidenty on the stat itus of force agreement in iraq. he didn't and we have isis and failures there. and he wouldn't shoot osama bin laden and he was impressed that obama had done it. they are not most presidential qualities and he would have to overcome foreign policy failures and flip- flopping as candidate. >> the l.a. times article, david reads this way. the clinton campaign would like biden to it hurry up and decide. they have eroding poll numbers and government investigation in an unorthodox e-mail server and prospect of losing vermont. and the vice-president
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vice-president's continual scoping of the race creates yet another intangible that there is no easy playbook for managing. would they like him to announce he would stay out. >> i think hillary clinton said this is a decision for him to make. and she will not play the angles. i take her at her word. she has to establish as i said earlier that she is best equipped to run the white house. her numbers among the democrats are holding and solid. we can see the match up in a hypothetical three- way race. until votes are cast. bernie sanders is in a good position to win new hampshire. but what happens in south carolina and iowa. we'll see i believe, we'll see democrats coalesce of who will win. i am not alone, i want to win.
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i want the democrats to win the white house. vice-president biden has to prove he's better at winning the ultimate race. does joe boyd -- biden run? >> 50 percent chance. >> i think numbers are good for him. and i think hillary's poll numbers are bad and rated deceptive and half of the country thinks she should back out while dealing with the legal troubles. he is get in. >> one and half votes that he's running. thanks to both of you. we appreciate it. >> we look at the stock market. it has been a roller coaster week on wall street. the dow is down 40 points and this is after a huge two- day
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rally and snapped a six- day streak. and contributing to the rebound. >> developing news just in our newsroom. a kenyan man found guilty of providing money and recruits to al-shabaab has been sentenced to 15 years in federal pritson. the 27 year was arrested in saudi arabia in 2013 after the fbi monitored an internet chat room popular with muslim extremist. he admitted to supporting al-shabaab and al-qaeda in syria. >> new information on the hacking scandal that outed members of ashley mad sovenlt now ashley madison's chief is packing his bags. >> and how has forecasting technology saved lives since
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vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. >> and the weak. ashley madison's parent company said it is it a mutual decision and the public release of data and the identity of people who signed up with the website. ashley madison has 40 million members. the governor declaring the state of emergency as tropical storm erika hits the florida. and the storm is not strengthening according to the fox news meteorologist. and emergency workers and
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homeowners are getting ready for a possibility of a severe blow. and this weekend marks ten years since a powerful storm hurricane katrina slammed in the gulf coast. and communities suffered as well including gulf port mississippi and east of new orleans where the businesses were turned in piles of rubble. and this morning, the former president visited new orleans ten years later to celebrate the resilience. we are watching a storm brewing and our chief meteorologist joins us now and we start with update on erika. >> it is a difficult one to forecast actually. the satellite picture that you can see is not an organized storm. that is good news. it has a lot of things against
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it. that is storms that don't like mountains and will go straight across that. and if it survives this. and we'll know boy midday tomorrow. we'll have a storm on our hand and look at the track and it brings us somewhere around florida. and because we are not sure it is surviving the next 18 or 24 hours it is hard to say what is. >> and how strong is gets after that we are not sure. this is one we don't have a good idea on what is going to happen. and the forecasting is not an exact science. in the ten years of katrina coming. they have narrowed the margin of area. and it is potentially going to be hit and they are narrowing it
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to a 65 mile area and that is for new orleans and that is on the right. >> this is giving a good indication of seeing how wide it is on the right. that is what it was. the five day cone of uncertainty and that is decreased around 40 percent. and the track of the forecasting is more accurate and past of what we are getting accurate at three days, we are getting accurate at five days. >> it is it important and so dangerous for forecasters to err on either side. if you sound the a were larm bells and nothing happens. you lose credibility and people are killed. >> the messaging is so hard. before katrina, most meteorologist were forecasters
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and they would put out a forecast, but after that time, messaging became different and they included things in the message like this is a life threatening situation and people need to get in shelters immediately. and messaging for all of us as meteorologist is so hard. and people don't always listen to everything we say. and you look at the cone of uncertainty and in many ways, i am outside of it and i am find and they don't understand they can shift and focus on the center of it and it doesn't stay in the center of the cone. the messaging is such a different thing. >> and the liability has increased and there is flooding. there is a delay. and people figure with all of the storm pass and i got through the wind and rain and my house is find and days later, the
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storm surge hits and they get a false sense of complacency. >> they hit different places on land. geogravy is different. and where there might be rivers and lev ees it is certainly saw with katrina. it was the back side of the wind that pushed the water over the levees. and ike was another one. pictures of ike, it was in september and that was the last large one that hit us. and i will tell you, president bush in 2008 started a funding program to increase the forecasting skills. we have satellites that are better and next year sightses will take an image of the storm every minute instead of every 15
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minutes. all of these things will allow us to get the forecast. unmanned drones are flying through these and sensors in the sea that are checking out temperatures and currents under the ocean and all of these going into the computers. and these computers to get all of that data in it and spit out a forecast is difficult. and they are 175 times faster than they were in the time of the katrina because of all of the funding and evolution. >> science and technology important. >> jon. >> new details emerging about the man who murdered two young journalist on live. he might have seen the victims in the years after being fired from the station. former colleagues saw him and plus this.
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details on a massive military organization between u.s. and south korea.
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>> and on display. the joint exercises tweep the two countries all of this miles from the board of north korea. and 30000 u.s. troops are stationed in south korea.
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new details are emerging about the man who took two lives in west virginia. their boss said employees would see vester flanagan, the shooter around roen ocin two and half years after being dismissed from the station. the only survivor of the tragedy, vicki gardener that the bullets came within centimeters of killing her. >> the anchors told viewers it is another tough morning for us but we are soldering on. and the governor came to the station and he said to comfort the staff and show the support in the wake of the horrific shooting of alison ward and adam west when flanagan opened up
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fire in the middle of alison's live report. flanagan later shot and killed himself. the medical examiner confirmed that parker and ward died of gunshots. and the husband of vicki gardener who was also shot flanagan fired at his wife after killing parker and ward. and she dove to the ground he shot her in the back. she was able to walk to the ambulance on her own. but if the bullet was an inch or two she would be killed or paralikewised. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> when you drop off a loved one at school or work, you want to know you have done everything you can to keep communities safe. we lose 89 individuals a day to gun violence.
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there are too many guns in america and in the wrong hands. >> in this case, vester lee flanagan passed a background check and bought his weapons legally, jon. >> thank you. >> donald trump blasting the tax code saying the middle-class is getting slammed. you may be surprised about what trump is proposing. and is cnn being fair to carly fiorina. she may not be in the next prime time debate. >> we'll keep going and doing what i have been doing. the more people who hear me and so me and understand what i will do as president of united states. and more support we build.
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>> carly fiorina may not be among the cand dates. cnn is mixing the game. >> so cnn is relying on polls over the past two months and taken before the fox debate. a lot has changed since then and
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cnn cannot change the criteria. but shouldn't it have included polls a month before the debate? >> yes, that is a lot fairer and that reflects the changing fortunes. and instead cnn used the polls three weeks before the fox news debate and obviously fiorina did well in the happy hour session. and therefore carly fiorina will be probably excluded from the september 16th debate. i had a chance to it talk to her and so let's take a look. >> where ever you are before august 6th has a impact on the standing on september 16th. that seems back wards and so if you are a professional politician and a celebrity, you are advantaged in national polls and if you are a outsider and
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literally most people never heard of before i launched my campaign on may 4th. you are disadvantaged. >> cnn didn't do it deliberately but carly fiorina is right. it works with big name id and it has hurt her. she is up to five percent in recent polls and 7th or eighth place and ordinary earn her a spot. >> she was on america's newsroom and she said cnn can do a bunch more polls to skew the average over the two months and toward the more recent numbers. does cnn have to bend over numbers. >> they can't change the rules, that would be unfair to the other candidates. and yes, they could do more polls. polling is expensive and there were polls before the fox debate
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and haven't been many recently. but that would be more accurate reflection. >> there was a lot more polls in the first month than the second month. >> there is a report of feud of donald trump and bush family. this goes all the way back to it the '80s when president george. bush. trump is swinging against jeb bush. the press is covering it. and jeb is not punching back and not much in his defense. is the media coverage of the so- called feud fair? >> it is fair as it can be given that donald trump has given 70 national brews and calling jeb bush a low energy person and loser and jeb bush has barely done an interview at all. and when he called trump this guy and called him refrained and
10:36 am
he doesn't want a dirt fight with the donald. the fascinating thing, you don't have to rely on friends and associates, trump gave the newspaper a 35 minute interview. he insulted jeb and bush family 33 times. that is a record. >> the washington post said he golfed with trump last year and trump trashed jeb in his words and gives the impression that it is personal for trump. is that a good campaign strategy. and the post called it a feud. >> it seems like a feud to me. trump has proven despite the judgments of the pundits that when he ghz after people, jeb be bush or candidates or media or unvision. they like to see the fighter. but it is a dilemma for the candidates who don't counter
10:37 am
punch and don't want to be drawn in playing his game. and jeb is certainly surprised by all of this and not sure how to handle it. one of jeb's friends told me that these are childish bully- like attacks by the trump and the bush camp trying to figure out how to deal with the relentlessness of the attack. >> howard, thank you. >> you too. >> one of the things that it donald trump is vowing to do is cut tax on middle-class and raise tax on hedge fund managers to do it. blake? >> hi, there, jon. donald trump talks about how a tax structure would work. that would be the next policy proposal he outlined. he told maria last thursday that his plan is coming in the next
10:38 am
four weeks and in an interview trump reiterated that time line and he would be the king of the tax code. trump talks about cutting tax for middle-class and cooperationing and singled out when maria pressed him for specifics on the fox business network. >> reduction in corporate taxes? >> reduction in all taxes, but corporate and especially the middle-class. i mean, what we are doing to the middle-class is inconceivable. it is terrible. >> however, trump has targeted hedge fund managers and said they are not paying enough in tax. and said he would be okay to raise taxes with himself. that may not sit well with the republican voters, trump lined himself with conservatives that it is worth the fight to take on
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the debt ceiling. jeb bush will present his tax proposal will on september ninety-ninth. that is a couple of weeks from now. and trump said his will come in a few weeks. it will be interesting if he releases it after jeb's proposal. >> thank you. well, any minute now, we'll know the decision in the case of owen lebrae. the 19-year-old former student in the st. paul boarding school that was charged with sexual assault and raping a 15-year-old fellow student who was 15 years old at the time. and the verdict has been reached. we don't know specifically when the judge will open the jury's decision and release that to the rest of us. owen is charged with six
10:40 am
charges. included sexual assault in connection with this alleged attack on a 15-year-old fellow student. he said it was consensual. and we'll get more information on the verdict, we'll bring it to you on fox. >> and the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is holding a new's conference light -- right now. let's listen. >> that would be be true if you are requesting for someone's e-mail to be made public. a request or any other reason and it was on the unclassified account, that an official used for work- related e-mail. so, look, i have said repeatedly that i did not send or receive
10:41 am
classified material and i am very confident when the entire process plays out, that would be understood by everyone. it will prove what i have been saying. and it's not possible for me to look back now, some years in the past and draw different conclusions than the ones that were at work at the time. you can make different decisions, things have changes and circumstances have changed, but it doesn't change the fact that i did not send or receive material marked classified. [inaudible question] >> we are working really hard to
10:42 am
lock in as many supporters as possible. that includes super delegates and that is part of our strategy to win the nomination, we'll continue to do that. i am heartened by the positive response i am getting. >> that was quite a response you got in there and in the hall afterwards, can you talk a bit about your own interaction with the members here and the degree to which your operation has been a presence here. is that an attempt to send a signal to your potential challengers that you are very far ahead? >> no, i think it is it more a result of the lessons they learned the last time, how important it is to be as well organized and focused from the
10:43 am
very beginning on delegates and super delegates and those who will be named as delegates and i am very encouraged by the the response i am getting. i have had a chance to meet with the super delegates that are here, and other dnc officials and members, and they have had a lot of interaction with my team. and we've answered a lot of calls about how to become involved. and there've been a lot of public endorsements and more will follow. this is really how you put the numbers together to secure the nomination. some of you might recall in 2008, a got a lot of votes, but i didn't get enough delegates, and it is understandable that my
10:44 am
focus is on delegates as well as the votes this time. >> are you frustrated with the idea and forms and classiction system and [inaudible] what dow hope to achieve right now? >> you know, i am not frustrated. i am trying to explain for people who never had to follow this before, that it is complicated and there is nothing unique about the process that is being conducted about my e-mails. this is what happens any time there is another reason why
10:45 am
information should be made public. and there is a process that's been follow would for me and everybody else. as part of that process, people weigh in. i think that it's a little confusing, and i certainly understand why for the press and for the public to try to make sense of this. like something wasn't class foyed in 2009 and 10 and maybe now it should. if you have been around the process, you know that that's not uncommon. and maybe when we get all of this behind us, people should say let's take a deep breath and figure out if that is the best process. it is the reality. and i am trying to do a better job of explaining to people what's going on. and there's not all of this concern. and there's some sense made out
10:46 am
of the confusion and to answer people's questions. and with the committee, i think it will be the eighth community and looking in to the tragic events of benghazi. i have said for a year, i am more than willing, and eager and ready to go testify. i offered dates in the spring and early summer. and when they came back with alternative dates, i immediately said i will be there. and i hope that this will be the last effort by some in the congress to politicize the tragic events of benghazi and we do what all of the other investigations, both the congressional ones and the independent one and press and others who have examined this.
10:47 am
we'll do what we can to make sure it doesn't happen again and that's always been my focus. >> how do you plan on dealing with 11 undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> i am glad you asked me that. i know there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11, 12 million people who are working here. i find it the height of irony that a party which espouses small government would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort including perhaps national guard and others to go and literally pull people out of their homes and work places and round them up and put them, i don't know in buses, box cars, in order to take them across our border.
10:48 am
i find that not only absurd but appalling and that's why i support comprehensive immigration reform and i have for years and i supported it when i was in the senate and i support it very strongly now, and it was a deep disappointment when there was a bipartisan agreement voted on by the senate to do what we needed, a comprehensive immigration reform that included an earned path to citizenship the house would not even give it a vote. i will oppose what i consider to be a political stunt and raise questions as i am doing today about what the realities of that kind of claims are. >> madam secretary, box cars?
10:49 am
[inaudible] >> back to the delegates, are you concerned that the buzz around potential vice-president's is -- [inaudible] >> i haven't seen evidence of. that we picked up additional supporters yesterday and today. i can only run my campaign. i can't speak for other potential candidates and current candidates and i can only tell you you based on what is happening around me that my campaign and i are working on, i see no evidence of that. >> secretary, one question, were you aware [inaudible] you award wanted to give paid speeches to it repressive countries like north korea.
10:50 am
do you have a answer about the conflict of interest of humma abdin. you said nothing [inaudible] >> let me answer one with of your questions because that is what you are entitled. to and the first question that you asked about the process that was set up in my years as secretary of state was for any request that it my husband received to be sent to the state department to be vetted. so it didn't matter where it was coming from, it was going to go to the state department. and there were some unusual request and they all went through the process to try to make sure the state department conducted its independent review. he did neither of those speeches. ed, i will say this, you might
10:51 am
not recall, president obama sent my husband to north korea to rescue two journalist that were captured. this was after a pain staking negotiation to try to convince the north korea leader to release these two young women. and every offer we made, every diplomatic overtour we made was rebuffed. we offered this or that person and the north koreans said if bill clinton comes we'll give him the two journalist. we thought about it and the president and others analyzed and we wanted them home and he said okay. that was a successful mission that accomplished its purpose. i think it is beyond unlikely that the state department would
10:52 am
say we think it is a good idea to go back and see what more you can find out and pick up. in the end, that is not something my husband wanted to do or the state department wanted him it was not somethingt the state department wanted him to do. it never happened. but i'm just telling you, we had a process so that all of these requests would be vetted. it would be highly unlikely that it would be a positive response. yes, we want you to go. but not totally beyond the realm of possibility. so, you know, that's the way we did it. we tried to really be as careful and thoughtful in that process, and this is another example of how it worked. thank you all very much. thank you. that was hillary clinton. democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state taking questions from the press after giving a speech
10:53 am
in minneapolis to the democratic national committee. you heard her repeat what she has said several times about having not sent or received any material that was marked classified at the time. let's bring back howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz" every weekend here on fox news channel. ed henry asked her this question. she said it was not uncommon for the whole email situation and he said name another cabinet official who had a private server. she didn't answer that question. >> that was the part she chose not to answer. she said, ed, you only get one question. she didn't take a combative tone as she did last time when asked about the invitation to president clinton by north korea. i think the real headline here is the tone, more conciliatory, less combative, that hillary clinton took in talking about the whole email mess. remember, this has been going on since march. they have tried to dismiss it, minimize it, talk about it as a media obsession, talk about it
10:54 am
as part of partisan republican attacks. it's not working and her campaign gets that. the other day she said for the first time i've seen it was not the best choice to us a private email. it would have been better had she taken this tack earlier but she is trying to seem more open, less legalistic and less combative on this story that's continued to dog her and hurt her on the trustworthiness question in opinion polls. >> many of the democratic supporters said she is a little bit rusty. she hasn't run for office in seven years and that she seems a little bit halting and guarded in her dealings with the press. >> i thought hillary clinton was better today. she didn't show that she was annoyed or angry. she kept a calm tone. and i think maybe she is getting rid of some of that rust. but clearly, jon, in recent months we have seen a former secretary of state who has a
10:55 am
25-year history of wariness toward the press corps, not do a very good job in the last time she talked to ed henry, she shrugged, seemed to walk off, she seemed clearly annoyed. that was not helping. i think, as she does it more -- the problem was she was barely talking to the press. as she does it more, i think she'll get a little bit more even keeled. that doesn't mean she can wipe away the growing number of questions about the email, but maybe she can avoid digging deeper into a hole. >> one of the questions is about the handling of classified materials. she said quite directly that she never sent or received anything that was marked classified but the belief in some circles is that her aides, her people, scrubbed some of those classified markings before forwarding emails on to her. >> it is now perfectly clear that hillary clinton received many emails that contained classified information, even that didn't have the markings.
10:56 am
so she stopped repeating this mantra of i never sent nor received anything classified at the time. and then she -- she was mounting a very legalistic defense, but she is running for president. it's a political question. why did she have her server? can we trust her? i think finally she and her team have come to the realization that just being legalistic, narrow, combative about it, is not going to make this story go away and that's why i think we saw the softened tone here at the dnc meeting. >> howard kurtz. we'll see you sunday morning. >> thanks, jon. >> thanks, howard. fox news alert, a verdict has been reached in the new hampshire prep school rape trial. live to molly line in concord, new hampshire, with that. >> reporter: we're just beginning to get this news in right now. the verdict reached. there were nine different counts. in at least one of the counts there is a guilty charge for using essentially computer services in the course of the crime.
10:57 am
owen labrie, 19 years old now. remember was charged in the rape of a 15-year-old classmate that occurred at the st. paul's school here in new hampshire. those were the accusations. in the course of the alleged crime the prosecutor says he is charged with using computer services prohibited. essentially using the services to seduce or entice a child under the age of 16. on that count he's been given a guilty charge. the jury has determined he is guilty on that count. there are a number of other counts including a felony sexual assault. on one of the counts he's been determined to be not guilty. we're still waiting for the rest of the counts to continue coming in. there are a multitude of different counts, so we're still waiting on the update here. here i just got it. the first -- all three of the aggravated felonist sexual assault counts he received not guilty on all three. the most serious charges that could have carried up to
10:58 am
20 years in prison. he was convicted on the computer charge, a guilty charge. we're waiting on a few other misdemeanor charges to come in. also involving sexual content with the minor girl. here we go. we have more coming in right now. another not guilty as far as simple assault is concerned. finally a guilty for endangering the welfare of a child and guilty of sexual assault, the seventh count, one specific charge. on the misdemeanor counts there is a lot of discretion as far as what the prosecutors may ask for as far as prison term. it may be as much as a year according to paperwork we've read. the charge that he is guilty of, number 7. want to make sure we've got the right charge because there are a multitude of counts here and they're listed by number. but it's specific to the sexual assault but not the felonious sexual assault.
10:59 am
>> thank you, again. nine counts he was charged with. three of them were felonies. he was found not guilty of all of those. sounds like molly is saying he was found guilty of three of the misdemeanor charges and possibly a not guilty on three of the others, although i don't think it was completely clear. but not guilty on the three felony charges. owen labrie. >> three guilty convictions on sexual assault, but that is less serious than the aggravated felonious sexual assault. those are the charges that could have brought him 20 -- 10 to 20 years in prison on each count. he was convicted on three different counts of sexual assault but, again, those are less serious and the judge will have more discretion in sentencing, also guilty of endangering the welfare of a child. as molly said the use of a computer to entice a child. what a story. what a week it has been. thank you for joining us. "the real story with gretchen carlson" starts right now. okay.
11:00 am
fox news alert. this just coming in to fox as you were just hearing on "happening now," we're getting the verdicts now in the prep school new hampshire rape case. so far molly line has been on the case for us. five guilty verdicts, it appears, and four not guilty verdicts in the prep school rape case. for the three major felony rape offenses, those were ten to 20 years possibly in prison. the jury found him not guilty. let's go back out to molly line. describe for us again the charges and what he is guilty of and what he is not guilty of. >> reporter: gretchen, these were very serious accusations that had been levelled against owen labrie, now 19 years old. prosecutors saying he was accused of raping a 15-year-old underclassman at the st. paul school here in new hampshire. the charges are broken down into several felonies and a multitude of misdemeanors as well. he has been


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